Hannelien, Lotte and Kwinten are in charge of the toys on board, and have full power on when Wouter or Leen can (or rather in most cases can´t)  go to sleep.  They dictate the rhythm of life during daytime and most of the activities, apart from sailing.

The parents try to manage the boat while at the same time looking after the kids. At the same time we try to realise our dream, spending a whole year with the kids, enjoying them as much as we can, in combination with our passion: sailing.

The smallest but certainly not the quietest crewmember of Aspro. As long as her brother or sister are in the vecinity, she is happy. While sailing, she busies herself playing, eating and developing as soon as possible. Her first tooth came out rounding Cape Finistere; she started to crawl on one of the beaches of the Spanish Rías and there is no doubt she will start walking somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Although she probably won´t remember a lot of the trip, she does thoroughly enjoy the company of her parents, brother and sister.

She just turned two when we left Belgium, but she already is a real sailor.  She was a mere 72 hours when she did her first crossing of the English Channel, to participate in the Cowes week. Although she will not remember, at least she can sell this story to get a place on a nice raceboat within a few years. While sailing, she occupies herself reading, drawing, playing with chalk, water and looking for dolphins.  Her brother is her biggest friend, and when she gets tired she goes to her little nest for a nap, protected from the boat movements and big brother. 
The oldest deckhand, 3.5 years old when we left Belgium. Although he can not count to 12 as most (school-going) kids of his age, he does know the difference between a sailing vessel, powerboat, catamaran, trimaran, fishing vessel, coast guard, container vessel,.... He also knows that when you take off a hull of a trimaran you create a catamaran. He is crazy about the doplhins that came by to play with Aspro.  Kwinten is of great help while anchoring, for detecting fishery bouys near the Portuguese shores, and while looking for a free spot in harbours or at anchorages.
The very youngest of them all. She/he embarked on board Aspro somewhere between Gomera or Tenerife, around the end of January, though nobody has seen him/her physically yet. So far her/his main activities were limited to making Leen seasick and vomit, but no doubt she/he will make his/herself more known by the end of October. We have serious doubts she/he will remember much of the voyage, but Leen and Wouter will certainly remember his/her influence on the trip…

Full time mom, in charge of navigation, cooking, supplies, medical assistance and rust maintenance of our hotel/means of transport/house. Combined with the attention and care of the kids, this makes for a full agenda. In between she tries to keep (get?) Aspro well organized and catch some sleep.
Full time dad/on board playground and, due to total lack of medical knowledge, in charge of the necessary mechnical and electrical repairs, though for these activities he counts with the professional and unconditional assistance of Hannelien. After his hours spent on before mentioned subjects, he also tries to fulfill his part of the house-hold tasks.

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